Brand introduction /BRAND INTRODUCTION

(Mitter Fry) to create high quality clothing and equipment for riding within reach of the pursuit of the quality of sports riding enthusiasts (Schmidt, Frye) was founded in 2009, is a passionate and good at sharing and surprise innovation brand.

Adhere to the rider's demand, starting from the perspective of professional sports, and stripping cocoon from fashion silk, extract the essence and meaning of it, giving lovers of riding sports perseverance and self-confidence, reflects the extraordinary quality of life and longing for nature.

Brand advocating /BRAND ADVOCATE

Enjoy riding. The nature of the movement, not always endless competition, but follow the heart of health cries and yearning for nature, looking for a relaxed state of life for himself in the heavy pressure, keep in motion on the road, let the pressure to release the body and mind with sweat, restored to life, so that they return to nature relax life.